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for start-up of NPO(NonProfit Organization) Dare-care 'DOVE of PEACE'

1. Background

Example : Missionary work and day-care

Most of the Kyrgyz are Muslims, but under of atheistic communism of Marxism-Leninism, religions were restricted.
After Soviet Union and independence of Kyrgyz, economic drifted into a period of stagnation, but religions were allowed and visions of the world are changing.
As below there are examples of words that show current feeling of humans.

  ' (Islam isn't important for me, but)I can't say that there is no god(as my opinion).'
  (A 40s Kyrgys man)

  ' I believed that there is no god in the past. Currently I don't go to a cathedral, but there is God, I think. '
  (A 50s Russian woman who live in Bishkek)

Kyrgyz is under Islam, but the influence is small because of the history. And after USSR, powers of economic from Russia went down. The isn't a big industry and and it's thought that agricultural animal husbandry country Kyrgyz must live and breathe tourism. But it's too difficlut to have a clear-cut answer, and they are trying to do something under the bad economic, the new government and the new life that they had to start after independence.

Under the situation, in Kyrgyz religious associations, like Islam and Christian, are doing missionary works.
This is a example of a act of religious organization in Bishkek.
The organization is in Istanbul, Turkey. They teach children Islam, for example Koran, and children can eat, rest and sleep there.
Main reasons, that parents want to make children studying there, are as follows.

  1. Poor Kyrgyz family often is living in the suburbs, far from schools. But the Islam center is in the center of Bishkek.


2. It's too difficlut to care children because they are busy. But the Islam center can care children. And children can play with other children safety.

  3. In the center drinking alcohols, smoking and doing a drug are prohabited, and they teach about it. And children can learn only good ethical things, it's too difficult to do bad things there. So parents can farm out in the center without worry.

In the time of Soviet Union, USSR is welfare/medical care state and collaterally Kyrgyz could get economic benefit and drove up standards of education. The Islamic center is a example of day-care in Kyrgyz in the deep water after their independence.

(Adult day care)


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Example : Missionary work and day-care


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