2. Day-care service in Kyrgyz

A presentation of a founder(doctor Jyldyz Sadyrova)

(She wrote this in Japanese)

Currently there is eventide home in Kyrgyz.
But after old man enter into the home, they live there everytime.
Kyrgyz is Asian Country, so minds of people are different a little from European, I think.
Many people have a stigma attached to making their parents living there, so it's too difficlult to do, they think.
Because of the reason, we need a day-care centers in Kyrgyz, I believe.
But there is no day-care center and we Kyrgyz have no experience.
I established NPO(NonProfit Organization).The name is 'DOVE of PEACE'
My aims are, at first day-care for the aged, next for the handicapped.
I am going to ask to make a donation to help us.

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Day-care service in Kyrgyz

A presentation of a founder

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Day-care service in Kyrgyz