HometownTokyo, Japan
OccupationThe shit thinker
HobbyWatching SUMO on TV, watching a japanese drama "pure-minded Kirari" on TV every morning(a few years ago,Now I'm waiting for your recommendation)
DreamTo tell a big dream
Graven wordsHuman body can express that sports are harmful for him health.(A health and physical education teacher)

28th February 2012 I'm trying to revise the website with maintenance server. I love hearing your comment to the site.

26th January 2007 I made a website of paintings that were made by my grandfather.
He draw these from 80 years old to 101.

18th September 2006 Weather at last wil be better tomorrow according to the weather forecast. I'm going to restart travel again tomorrow.

4th September 2006 I'm in home again. I'm going to take a rest again maybe after a few days.

26th August 2006 I'm in home temporarily. I'm going to travel on Tokaido again next week.

12th August 2006 I haven't do it all yet, but maybe I cannot update the site for 2 or 3 months. So I decide opening the site on the way now. Have a nice day.

Family meeting