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Japanese and Japan

A Japanese wrote a mail from Malaysia. He wanted to have a expression which shows his own.
A Japanese who attended a wedding said his impression with a little surprise. Man is a animal who marries.
When a Japanese criticized persons who think more of weather forecast than weather, I could agree and didn't agree.
I thought that I must and was going to choice one of the current real world which is constructed by most of people.
These might be plays of words.
A Japanese who was traveling in Japan said to me. He didn't know before that there are many nice sceneries and lives.
I wanted to see the scenes even if it meant only that I would touch the surfaces which are in the territory of Japan.

Visited places

A few islands in East Asia, in the West of Pacific Ocean, are called Japan. In these islands Chinese, Korean, Ainu and other many people are living.
The territory is long north and south, and climates are variety. There are many rains in summer because of a monsoon. In the North many snows fall and in the Southern islands it's warm in winter. Many languages are spoken and differences of them are big in some areas, but most of people knows the standard language.

Kyoto was the capital city between 794 and 1868. Kyoto is regarded as cultural center of old Japan. There are a lot of Temples and Shrines.

Nara was the capital which was established in 710. There are historic treasures like oldest wooden structures and famous temples.

Kohya mountain
This is a sacred place of Shingon-shu(A denomination of Buddhism).

Miyako island
Miyako is in the beautiful sea with coral reefs and one of the southern islands which is surrounded by China, South East Asia and Japan.

Tokyo is capital and huge city. The East is confused, the middle is quiet and the west is land of mountains and green.

One of the Five Routes in Edo period. The road was from Edo(Nihonbashi, Tokyo) to Kyoto.