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How to Get to Ala-Too2

Ala-Too2 is west of Bishkek. You can get minibus to there near central post office in Chuy street.

No 220

All of buses to there run along Chuy street from Osh bazar.

Nos 42 148 173 220

A few people knows Ala-Too, so you must write down the numbers at once on your notebook. About 30 minutes trip from Osh bazar.
In the bus, if someone notice that you are foreigner, you may talk with friendly people, drunkard and police man. You don't need to say that you are terrorist.
Get off the bus at the last stop.

Places to Go

When you will get off the bus, beautiful kyrgyz ladies and gentlemen who have beautiful flowers with smile will welcome you, and will show dance and sing......
There is nothing to do and see in Ala-Too2, that is new village. So you may get on the bus that took you there, and be back to Bishkek.
If you have a plenty of times, you can get to railway, where is about 300m south of the bus stop.
You can see beautiful mountains in morning after rains.
Wave your hand with new little friends. Kindly crews or passengers in a train may respond you.

Have a nice day!!!

Bishkek Ala-Too2