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Back to Japan

I always said that Hong Kong, where I stayed for only 3 nights and did nothing, is a best city for me.
I couldn't explain the reason. When I talked about it, someone understood without accurate expression, and someone took no notice.

In a last year that Hong Kong was the territory of UK, when I was a student, I left from Xinjiang, where I lived for 8 months, and was in South East Asia.
I had been to Beijing twice, but hadn't been to most of cities in China except in Xinjiang. I had not been to famous places except Tienanmen Square. I thought and decided to say Good-bye to China and to see unknown countries.

I wandered for a few months. I saw nature and big ruins, listened music, met normal people, talked about unknown world and lives with traveler, sat down in cafe and looked around from a rickshaw with a little bit hot and tired mind under wet hot sunlight. I had a pain alone in a room because of a sick at my birthday. I always doubted people. I wanted to go back anywhere as soon as possible. The travel seemed a duty.
I met Chinese in each countries and they made me warm in these foreign countries.

When I was talking with Japanese traveler in a train which was going to Hanoi from Saigon, I was feeling that one of my ages was going to finished.
I felt that a air had be changed in plane to Hong Kong from Hanoi, and that I had reached and finished in Hong Kong airport, not in Japan.
I was dirty and was a little bit outstanding. I opened my baggage in custom, although all of Japanese went through there without checking.
But I attracted people's attention only in the airport.
I went to convenience stores with a little happiness. I ate in dark cramped room or Macdonald every time. I did nothing, just was walking around day and night, glanced and went through between dressed up smiled people, resident foreigners, traveler and beggars.

Back to Kyrgyz

I wanted to go famous cities in China. I have passed through China before. But it was a first time to go to the central of China with a reason that is go to there.
I had to go back to Kyrgyz, so I choose one city - Shanghai, that is biggest city in China and the place where I could get a train to Urumuqi - close to border of Kyrgyz.
I didn't have a reason to go to Hong Kong. I had known that I who liked sleeping in home and didn't like travel would do nothing there. I was going to buy a ticket to Shanghai and leave for Urumuqi soon.

In Hong Kong, I was walking around day and night again. I tried a little to be a traveler. I went to Macau, I ate in street as same as others whom I just had looked before.
I didn't feel enjoying, but that I didn't dislike the city.

I was disappointed in Shanghai. I knew that I just was looking for Hong Kong in the city and looking with frosted eyes.
Old buildings moved my mind, but I didn't believe that I was staying in the country that had let me stay before. On streets I sat down on benches and talked with pimps for killing times.

I had to buy a ticket to Urumuqi. This had meant end of the stay in China for me.
I was feeling that I might look and know nothing about China in my life.
In ticket office, I asked that there was train to Shenyang tomorrow or not. If I would go to Beijing, I could get a train to Urumuqi and get to there soon, I thought.
I needed any reasons which kept me staying in China, and wanted to talk with someone who might destroy my eyes. I wrote a mail to a girl whom I got to know in Internet. I left for the north not for the west at the next evening......